Infographic guide: What does a smarter energy market look like?

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30th March 2015
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Below is an interactive guide to our vision for a smarter energy market for consumers. Click the relevant sections to see more details.

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What does a smarter energy market look like infographic? - plain text version

Efficient, dynamic, competitive - How we’re delivering a smarter energy market for consumers

What's changing?

  • By the end of the decade, the government wants all homes and businesses to have smart meters. It's set to revolutionise how we engage with energy.
  • Smart meters record energy use and send to suppliers.
  • In-home displays and smartphone apps help customers to better manage their usage and cut the need for estimated bills.
  • Accurate and real-time data help industry to balance energy demand.

Together with changes to industry processes, it’s a chance to make the energy market smarter.

What will ‘smart’ look like?

What smart means and how we'll get there:

A dynamic market with more empowered and engaged customers will encourage new entry into the market from companies with innovative products and services. This will pave the way to more efficient energy use and drive competition for consumers.

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