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DateTitleInformation type(s)
31/01/2017Infographic: Promoting a sustainable energy future
  • Data and statistics
30/01/2017Ofgem’s Future Insights series – Local Energy in a Transforming Energy System
  • Reports & plans
18/01/2017Renewable Electricity Schemes Welcome Pack
  • Factsheets
16/01/2017Applying for the Northern Ireland Renewables Obligation: a step-by-step guide
  • Guidance
16/01/2017Renewables Obligation: Guidance for Generators
  • Guidance
10/01/2017Letter to the Secretary of State on Social and Environmental Guidance, 2016
  • Open letters & correspondence
05/01/2017How to agree declarations on the Renewables and CHP Register
  • Guidance
05/01/2017How to submit an application on the Renewables and CHP Register
  • Guidance
05/01/2017How to create an account on the Renewables and CHP Register
  • Guidance