Compliance and enforcement

Investigations, orders and penalties

We investigate energy companies when we think they may be breaching the obligations of their licence or the requirements of competition and consumer protection law.

Enforcement action can include provisional and final orders being made, where appropriate, for breaches of licence conditions and relevant requirements under the Gas Act 1986 and the Electricity Act 1989.

Provisional and final orders are made with the intention of bringing an end to an apparent (or apparent likely) breach of a licence condition or other relevant requirement. A provisional order, rather than a final order, is made to address an urgent need to remedy harm caused by that apparent breach. Making a provisional order does not imply a conclusive finding that the regulated person has breached a licence condition or other relevant requirement.

You can read details of our enforcement investigations, orders and penalty notices in the publications list below.

Our company publications area contains full lists of publications by licence and licensee. This includes the enforcement-related publications listed below.