Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS)

Create a BUS installer account

As an installer, you’ll need a verified BUS installer account before anyone in your business can use the scheme.

You can add multiple users to this account so they can apply for and redeem BUS vouchers on behalf of the business.

After we've created your installer account, each user will receive an email invite to use the scheme online.

For full details about creating and managing installer accounts, see chapter 4 of the BUS guidance for installers

If you’ve signed in to your installer account online before

You can sign in to your BUS installer account area.  

From here you can:

  • apply for BUS vouchers
  • find out how to redeem BUS vouchers
  • check the status of your voucher applications and voucher redemption applications

Note: We’ll sign you out if you stay on a single page for more than 60 minutes.

Who can create an installer account

The person who creates the account must:

  • have the legal authority to act on behalf of the business
  • agree to be the business’s 'authorised representative' for the scheme.

An 'authorised representative' is someone whose identity we have checked and who is Ofgem’s first point of contact should we ever need to speak to someone about the account.

If your business is a limited company, the person creating the account must be a company officer (eg director or secretary) who is listed on the Companies House register.

If you are a sole trader, you will not be registered on Companies House. However, we will still need to check your identity.

How to create an installer account

The authorised representative will need to:

The full supporting evidence requirements are listed on the ‘Create a BUS installer account’ form. They include:

  • a valid form of photo ID, eg passport or driving licence
  • a proof of address, eg a recent utility bill
  • a business bank account statement from the last 3 months.

After the account has been set up, authorised representatives can report any errors on their account to:

Update information on an existing installer account

Only authorised representatives can change the following information on a BUS installer account:

  • business information, such as registered office address and bank account details.
  • details about the authorised representative, including telling us you want to replace the existing authorised representative with a new one.

Users with 'user management' permission can add, edit or remove any users (apart from the authorised representative) associated with an installer account.

You must:

Apply for a BUS voucher

You can apply for BUS vouchers online.

You must do this from your business’s BUS installer account area.

You’ll be able to access this account area after:

  • your business’s BUS installer account has been created
  • we’ve sent you an invite email
  • you’ve created your personal sign-in details (using the link in the invite email)

You can also use the account area to track the progress of all your business’s voucher applications and voucher redemption applications.

If you do not have your own sign-in details yet

Someone in your business will need to set you up to use the scheme. Talk to the person who initially created the installer account or anyone at your business who has permission to manage users on the account. After we’ve added to your business’s BUS installer account, you’ll receive an invite email to get set up.

If you’re unable to use the online service

Contact us: 


Redeem a BUS voucher

As an installer, after you’ve commissioned the new heating system, you can apply to redeem your BUS voucher.

You must do this from your business's BUS installer account area

Cancel a BUS application or voucher

You can cancel

  • a BUS voucher application that you’ve submitted
  • a BUS voucher that’s been issued
  • a BUS redemption application

You can do this from your BUS installer account area