Network price controls 2013-2023 (RIIO-1)

How we engage

The working groups listed below helped develop and challenge the RIIO-1 price controls. They are inactive.

Consumer Challenge Group

The Consumer Challenge Group (CCG) consisted of a small number of professional consumer advocates that challenged both us and the network companies on areas of policy development during the price control review process. The CCG helped to ensure that the overall price control settlement was in the best interest of consumers.

Price Control Review Forum (RIIO-T1 / RIIO-GD1)

The Price Control Review Forum (PCRF) for RIIO-T1 and GD1 met during the reviews to input on the development of the price controls concerning transmission and gas distribution.

Price Control Review Forum (RIIO-ED1)

The Price Control Review Forum (PCRF) met during the RIIO-ED1 price control review process to provide input to us on the development  of the price controls .

We ran further working groups dedicated to reviewing each of the price controls on an individual basis.

You can see all publications relating to all of the above working groups via the section below.