Statutory Consultation on the Inflexible Offers Licence Condition (IOLC)

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Industry sector

  • Generation and Wholesale Market
  • Transmission Network

Licence type

Electricity Generation Licence


A decision for this consultation was published on 31 August 2023.

In this Statutory Consultation, we are seeking stakeholder views on our proposal to introduce a licence condition to the generation licence called the Inflexible Offers Licence Condition (IOLC). The proposed new licence condition would prohibit electricity generators taking advantage of their dynamic parameters in order to obtain excessive benefit from offers in the balancing mechanism when their units are operated in a manner that limits their responsiveness to market and system conditions.

Alongside this Statutory Consultation we have published an Impact Assessment, a draft Guidance document and a Notice of modification to the electricity generation licence.

We are seeking feedback on the proposed licence condition on or before 27 July 2023

Respond name

Luke McCartney