Consultation and Decision on Ofgem's Enforcement Guidelines

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We have been reviewing our approach to enforcement. As part of implementing the conclusions of the review, we consulted on changes to our Enforcement Guidelines. We received 12 responses, which we have published below. After considering the responses, we have now published our revised Enforcement Guidelines. The new Enforcement Guidelines focus on ensuring a transparent, consistent and proportionate approach to enforcement.

We have also published a decision document setting out how we have taken into account the responses that we received to the consultation.

We have also published an open letter drawing attention to these documents and to the publication of the terms of reference for the EDP. This letter also sets out the Authority's enforcement priorities for 2014-15, which are the first in a series of annual enforcement priorities that complement our permanent prioritisation criteria for opening or continuing cases.

This work also complements the open letter we have published in March 2014 setting out our position on regulatory compliance, the roles and responsibilities of different parties, and how our approaches to compliance and enforcement activities interact with one another.

We have consulted separately on a statement of policy on financial penalties and consumer redress under the Gas Act and Electricity Act and expect to publish the final version in the Autumn.


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