Update on the Electricity System Operator's Early Competition Plan

Reports, plans and updates

In our May 2019 RIIO-2 Sector Specific Methodology Decision (SSMD), we requested that the Electricity System Operator (ESO) work on an Early Competition Plan (ECP) alongside its RIIO-2 Business Plan. As part of this decision, we provided our minimum expectations as to what this plan should include.

In September 2019, we issued an open letter which further detailed our expectations of this work, including timelines and scope.

The ESO has now published its final ECP (April 2021).

This document provides a brief update on our plans for early model competition, including our intention to consult on various aspects of the early model this July. It additionally confirms that the ESO will continue to develop various low-regret elements of early model competition over the rest of 2021.