Report on our Five Year Review of the Capacity Market Rules and Forward Work Plan

Reports, plans and updates

In April 2019 we consulted on our Five Year Review of the Capacity Market Rules (“Rules”). This consultation invited stakeholders to provide feedback on proposed amendments to the Rules, as well as respond to wider policy questions on the Capacity Market framework. This was aligned with the priorities identified in our September 2018 open letter.

This document is intended to meet the requirements of Regulation 82 of the Electricity Capacity Regulations 2014 (“Regulations”) and Rule 15.2 of the Capacity Market Rules 2014, which require the Authority to carry out a review of the Rules within five years of their entry into force.

The report also contains our Forward Work Plan for changing the Rules and regulatory framework in the near future. It signposts planned future work streams, encompassing the policy areas that will be addressed from the first Policy Consultation, including the key activities associated with them and what the work stream aims to deliver.