Opening Statement - Strategic Review of the microbusiness retail market

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Strategic Review of the microbusiness retail market – March 2020 Update:

Thank you to stakeholders who have contributed views and evidence as part of our strategic review to date. We are currently developing detailed policy proposals to address the key issues identified through our review and intend publishing a policy consultation in Spring 2020. Once published we anticipate holding stakeholder engagement activities to help test and refine our proposals in summer 2020.

Strategic Review of the microbusiness retail market - Opening Statement:

Today we are announcing our strategic review of the microbusiness energy market to better understand and address the issues faced by microbusinesses.

We have concerns that the energy market isn’t working as well as it should for microbusinesses. The complexity of the market with its wide variety of contracts and lack of accessible information about prices means some microbusinesses find it hard and costly to engage in the market to find a better deal.

We are seeking views and evidence through the call for inputs we have published today. We welcome responses by email to or via Survey Monkey by close on 21 June 2019. Following analysis of responses and other evidence gathering activities we intend publishing our action plan in winter 2019.