Non-domestic RHI Letter of Authorisation

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Non-Domestic RHI

Template for letter appointing an Authorised Signatory to an RHI account as the responsible agent for the organisation.

Important update: From 21 October 2014, we have revised the process for completing the Letter of Authorisation (LOA) and have published a new LOA template. All new applicants applying to the non-domestic RHI scheme on or after 21 October 2014 must use this new template. Please note that this new LOA template provides revised guidance on how the LOA template should be completed (and by whom).

From on or after 21 October 2014, please ensure that you complete the LOA in line with this revised guidance, and ensure that the Authorised Signatory is allocated in line with the guidance in the new LOA template.

We expect the Authorised Signatory to be an employee of the organisation that owns the installation. Where the Authorised Signatory is not an employee of the organisation (for example, an installer or consultant) they must have legal authority to act on behalf of the organisation, such as Power of Attorney. Therefore we would not expect the Authorised Signatory to be an installer, consultant or any other party that is not an employee of the organisation.