Net Zero Britain: developing an energy system fit for the future

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Great Britain’s energy system is already undergoing rapid change. This needs to accelerate over the next decade if the UK is to be on track for net zero in 2050. The unprecedented rise in gas prices over the last twelve months only reinforces the need to accelerate the shift away from fossil fuels, strengthening the case for decarbonisation.

This paper sets out Ofgem’s view on key aspects of Great Britain’s energy system where we consider significant reform is required to deliver a resilient, low cost, low carbon power sector, as well as a proposed framework of consumer interests to help focus our actions. This paper is not intended to be a comprehensive vision for everything that needs to change in the energy sector, but is focused on a set of issues we consider to be priorities for reform. We recognise that many of these proposals are for government to decide, and Ofgem will continue to work closely with government and other stakeholders. We welcome views and feedback on this paper, and further engagement.