National Grid Viking Link Limited – Decision on a request for a later regime start date for the Viking Link interconnector project


In June 2021, we published a decision providing a means for cap and floor interconnector projects that have encountered delays, caused by force majeure events during the pre-operational period, to request a later Regime Start Date (RSD).

National Grid Viking Link Limited (NGVL), the developer of the Viking Link interconnector to Denmark, submitted a request for a delay to their RSD based on events the project has experienced which NGVL consider to be beyond its reasonable control and which have obstructed progress in some key areas. After careful consideration, we have partially approved NGVL’s request to specify a later RSD and intend to adjust the RSD from 1 January 2021 to 1 January 2023 for Viking Link.

We will reflect this decision in NGVL’s interconnector licence once the project’s specific cap and floor regime has been implemented in its licence.