Independent review of ESO regulatory and incentives framework

Reports, plans and updates

In April 2018, we introduced a new regulatory and incentives framework for the Electricity System Operator (ESO). We have started reviewing the effectiveness of this scheme in light of practical experience and intend to make refinements where necessary for 2019-21. In October 2018 we published a call for input on how we could improve the 2019-20 incentives scheme and in February 2019 we followed up with a consultation on the evaluation process and the financial incentive parameters for 2019-20.

Alongside this, we have also appointed Dr Xeni Dassiou from City, University of London to carry out an independent review of the ESO’s regulatory and incentives framework. Please note this document does not represent the views of Ofgem. This is intended to provide input into our thinking and the findings of this will feed into our decision on the framework for 2019-20.