Energy Company Obligation (ECO2): Measures Table


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Under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO2) a wide range of energy efficiency measures can be installed. This page includes some of the information that energy companies need to include when they notify these measures.

ECO2 Measures Table

The ECO2 Measures Table provides information on eligible energy efficiency measures which suppliers can use to meet their ECO2 obligations.

The table includes the following information for each listed measure:

  • measure type
  • measure name
  • eligibility under each of the three ECO2 obligations
  • in-use factor
  • standard lifetime
  • relevant PAS annex
  • measure name: format for notification to Ofgem
  • measure category.

The list of measures is non-exhaustive. Other measures may qualify, subject to review by us on a case-by-case basis.

Non-Standard Lifetimes

Suppliers can apply, in writing, to use a 'non-standard lifetime' in two cases:

  • where a supplier wishes to install a measure that is not listed in the ECO2 Measures Table
  • where a supplier wishes to install a product that falls within a category of measure listed in our table but the supplier believes that the standard lifetime set for that category of measure is not accurate for the product.

A document will be published on this page listing all measures and products for which non-standard lifetimes have been approved, however to date, no non-standard lifetimes have been approved. Please check back here for updates.

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