Energy Company Obligation 2015-17 (ECO2) Guidance: Delivery


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The Energy Company Obligation is a government energy efficiency scheme for Great Britain, administered by Ofgem. Our guidance documents provide information on the legislative requirements of the ECO2 Order and our administrative processes.

We have split the ECO2 Guidance into two parts.

  1. ECO2 Guidance: Administration, and
  2. ECO2 Guidance: Delivery.

The delivery guidance is aimed at suppliers and the broader supply chain, describing how to deliver measures that are eligible to contribute towards the ECO targets. The delivery guidance addresses the following:

  • how a supplier achieves its obligations
  • which measures are eligible under ECO and the criteria that must be met
  • specific requirements relating to each obligation (CERO, CSCO and HHCRO)
  • how suppliers calculate the carbon savings or cost scores of ECO measures, as applicable
  • how measures are notified and the information we require
  • the technical and score monitoring requirements that suppliers must meet
  • the auditing and fraud processes that suppliers will be subject to, and
  • supporting information contained in appendices.

On 1 December 2015 this document was updated to Version 1.1 in order to incorporate changes to align with existing guidance on loft measures where insulation was recently removed and the Private Domestic Premises guidance note. 

It also includes updates to the fair processing notice, the Department for Work and Pensions data matching service, and a clarification of which measures should be included in the monitoring requirement for a quarter. These changes were already in effect at the time of publication.

Previous versions of the guidance apply to measures notified, or applications made, before 1 December 2015.

The table below lists the current and previous versions of the ECO2 Guidance: Delivery and the dates they came into effect. Where the reissuing of this guidance document is to incorporate or align with documents that have already been published, the original date of effect of those documents is unaffected.

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Document date of effect

Energy Company Obligation 2015-17 (ECO2) Guidance: Delivery (Version 1.1)

1 December 2015

Energy Company Obligation 2015-17 (ECO2) Guidance: Delivery (Version 1.0)

1 April 2015