Distribution Use of System Charges: Significant Code Review Launch

Following consultation in November 2021, we have decided to descope the wide-ranging review of Distribution Use of System (‘DUoS’) charges from the current Electricity Network Access and Forward-Looking Charges Significant Code Review (‘Access SCR’) and take it forward under a dedicated DUoS SCR with a revised timescale.

With immediate effect, we have decided to launch a separate Distribution Use of System charges SCR in order to take forward a review of this area whilst allowing the Access SCR to be delivered in a timely fashion. This decision retains the overall objective of DUoS reform from the Access SCR - to ensure electricity networks are used efficiently and flexibly, reflecting users’ needs and allowing consumers to benefit from new technologies and services while avoiding unnecessary costs on energy bills in general.

Update, April 2024 

Since the launch of the DUoS SCR in February 2022, we have provided updates on this workstream within the following publications: 

This letter highlighted that we were slowing the delivery of some longer term policy work, which included the DUoS SCR. This was to enable the deployment of our teams to focus on areas most likely to protect consumers during the winter of 2022/23. 

This letter gave an update on our prioritisation, including that we were relaunching our work on the DUoS SCR. 

More recently, we have provided updates on our work under the DUoS SCR at the October 2023 and March 2024 Charging Futures Forums. Please refer to the Charging Futures Forum website for more information. In particular, our March 2024 Charging Futures Forum update was accompanied by two explanatory notes which provide further detail on priority issues highlighted during the update on distribution charging reform: 

Interested stakeholders are welcome to provide feedback to us on the issues flagged in these explanatory notes by 19 April 2024.