Decision making for future energy systems

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We commissioned independent academics (Dr Stan Zachary of Heriot-Watt University, Chris Dent of the University of Edinburgh and Simon French of University of Warwick) to report on Decision making for future energy systems: incorporating rapid change and future uncertainties.

The work considered decision making in the light of complex and interconnected future uncertainties in the energy system to net zero by 2050, and, at a high level, the current approaches to manage and make decisions in light of these uncertainties used by us and the regulated companies. It also looks at alternative approaches, best practice and general lessons from decision science. The report makes a number of recommendations surrounding Ofgem’s role and management of future uncertainty/decision making processes. We will consider these in taking forward our own work and our work with the energy industry, in order to develop capabilities, practices and tools that are most appropriate for the range of  decisions that are required to address the net zero challenge in the energy sector.