DCC Price Control Decision Regulatory Year 2020/21

Publication date

Industry sector

Supply and Retail Market

In October 2021 we consulted on our proposals for the Data Communications Company (DCC) price control submission for the Regulatory Year 2020/21 (RY20/21), along with our assessment of DCC’s performance and its Baseline Margin and External Contract Gain Share applications.

This document sets out the decisions, and reasons for them, on DCC’s costs and performance, as well as DCC’s applications to adjust its Baseline Margin and External Contract Gain Share values under the Licence. This decision recognises responses we received to the consultation and any further information made available to us in the consultation window.

Alongside this document we publish notices of our Price Control Decisions and Determinations and Directions relating to the calculation of Allowed Revenue set out in the Price Control Conditions in the Smart Meter Communications Licence. The Notice has been republished to correct typographical errors.