Consultation Decision - REMIT Procedural Guidelines and Penalties Statement consultation


Publication date

Industry sector

Generation and Wholesale Market

On 18 December we consulted on proposed changes to two documents that describe how we monitor, investigate and enforce the requirements in "REMIT" - the EU regulation on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency.

On this page you can find our decision on this consultation along with the updated penalties statement and procedural guidelines. Our decision was published on 23 June 2015.

Update 14 September 2016

We have now slightly changed one part of the REMIT Procedural Guidelines 23 June 2015 to amend the composition of a Settlement Committee.

Instead of one member of the Enforcement Decision Panel and one member of the Ofgem Executive, a Settlement Committee will from now on consist of two members of the Enforcement Decision Panel and one Partner or Senior Partner from Ofgem.

This change took effect for all new Settlement Committees selected after 14 July 2016. This change aligns our REMIT Procedural Guidelines to changes that took place across all Ofgem Enforcement procedures.