Domestic third party intermediaries (TPIs): Confidence Code and wider issues

Publication date
7th August 2014
Closing date
2nd October 2014
Policy areas

This project is part of our Third Party Intermediaries (TPI) programme which examines the role of TPIs and the appropriate regulatory framework in the domestic and non-domestic energy retail markets.

This document sets out our strategy for TPIs in the domestic energy market, and our future priority work areas. TPIs play an increasingly important role in the market. New services are emerging, and existing ones are expanding into new areas. We want to allow TPIs to innovate and provide useful services, while making sure consumers remain protected.

We also propose changes to the Confidence Code, a voluntary code of practice for domestic price comparison websites. The changes we suggest are to make sure consumers get independent, accurate, transparent and reliable information when using an accredited site, so they can compare tariffs and suppliers with confidence. The changes would allow more sites to become accredited, and so widen the pool of consumers that they can reach and who can benefit from the protections the Code offers.