Network price controls from 2021 (RIIO-2)

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RIIO-2 will be the next price controls for the network companies running the gas and electricity transmission and distribution networks from 2021. They will replace the current network price controls.

For information on how the network fits together, see How the energy networks work for you.

What is RIIO-2?

RIIO-2 is the next round of network price controls to start from 2021. They'll be tougher on network companies to deliver innovation, reliability and investment at the least cost to consumers.

RIIO-2 publications and consultations

We are keen to ensure that we get feedback from a wide range of stakeholders as we develop the next network price controls. Here you can find our publications and consultations.

RIIO-2 events, seminars and working groups

Find information on our engagement activities and resulting publications as we develop RIIO-2, including details of upcoming events and how to subscribe to get key updates.