Find your energy supplier

Contact information for your gas or electricity supplier.


Who to contact in a power cut

Call 105 free. You will be connected to your local electricity network operator’s emergency line. 

Who to contact if you smell gas

Call the free National Gas Emergency Service immediately on 0800 111 999.

Finding a gas or electricity supplier

Contact details for your current energy supplier will be on a recent energy bill. Log in to your online account if you don’t get paper bills.

You can also use the services below:

Finding a gas or electricity network operator

Different companies (‘’) run areas of the energy network. 

Some independent companies also own areas of the network run by other local operators. They usually connect new housing and commercial projects to the network. 

Who is my network operator?

Difference between network operators and energy suppliers

Network operators are different from energy suppliers. They own and run the pipes and wires that carry gas and electricity. 

There are two types: 

  • Transmission network operators. They own and run the high pressure and voltage network transporting energy across the country from where it is made.
  • Distribution network operators. They own and run the local ‘distribution’ network. They bring energy to homes and businesses at lower pressure and voltages from the transmission network.

You may need to talk to your network operator if you:

They can’t help with energy bill questions. You’ll need to contact your energy supplier.