Gas security of supply

Our gas sources

We have one of the most reliable gas systems in the world. We are not expecting to see a national shortage of energy this winter.

Around half of our gas supplies come from our own North Sea gas fields. The remainder is imported from a variety of sources including Norway, the Continent, and across the world using liquefied natural gas.

Gas emergency arrangements

The gas industry has well established arrangements to deal with emergency situations concerning gas supply.

This is because, despite the existence of strong commercial incentives and high industry awareness regarding how to avoid such an emergency situation, the possibility still exists for an emergency to occur.

Roles and responsibilities

Gas shippers (including energy suppliers) and National Grid share the responsibility to deliver secure gas supplies.

Gas shippers buy gas on the wholesale market to meet the needs of their customers.

National Grid makes sure gas is transported safely on the networks, and that the gas system is kept in balance.

The government sets the long-term direction for energy policy.

What does Ofgem do?

Our role is to make sure the gas market works properly and that there are no barriers to stop gas companies from doing their job.

Information and reports we have published on gas security of supply and gas emergency arrangements can be found in the publications and updates list below.

Publications and updates