Join your supplier’s Priority Services Register

Find out more about joining your energy supplier or network operator’s Priority Services Register, and the extra help you’ll get.

Your energy supplier (the company that provides your electricity and gas) and your network operator (the company responsible for the pipes and wires that carry electricity and gas) will both keep a Priority Services Register.

What help is available

Joining their Priority Services Register means you’ll be able to get a range of extra help when you need it. This could be all the time, or for a short period due to something that’s happened in your life.

Some of the help you can get includes:

  • priority support in an emergency
  • wherever possible, advanced notice of scheduled power cuts
  • an identification and password scheme if someone needs to visit or contact you, helping you feel confident they are genuine 
  • the ability to nominate someone to receive communications and bills from your supplier, for example a family member, carer or someone you trust
  • the chance to move your prepayment meter if you can’t safely get to it to top up
  • regular meter reading services
  • account info and bills in large print or braille
  • assistance reconnecting your gas supply, if you need it

Who can join

You can ask to join your supplier or network operator’s Priority Services Register if you:

  • have reached state pension age
  • are pregnant, or have young children
  • struggle with speaking or reading English

You can also join if you’re living with a disability or a long-term medical condition, including:

  • mental health conditions
  • conditions affecting your sight, hearing or sense of smell
  • conditions that mean you need to use medical equipment that requires a power supply

Help is also available if your circumstances have recently changed, for example if you:

  • are recovering from an injury, or need support after a stay in hospital
  • have been bereaved
  • have lost your job

How to join

Get in touch with your supplier or network operator directly and give them as much information as you can about your needs.

You can contact them online, in writing or by phone. Details on how to do this should be on their website or on your energy bills.

If you are not sure who to contact, follow the instructions on our find your energy supplier page.

Things to remember

If you have a different supplier for your gas and electricity, you’ll need to contact them separately.

If you switch supplier, you’ll need to ask to join their Priority Services Register.

Free similar services are available in the water, telecoms and public transport sectors. Ask your providers about them.