Integrated Transmission Planning and Regulation

The Integrated Transmission Planning and Regulation (ITPR) project looked at the arrangements for planning and delivering the onshore, offshore and cross-border electricity transmission networks. This was to ensure they can facilitate coordinated, economic and efficient development of the electricity system in the long term.

The need to reduce carbon emissions and to replace existing infrastructure is expected to drive major investments in electricity transmission networks over the coming years. The changing energy mix will also create new challenges to maintaining and secure and stable network.

 Given these challenges, we are making changes to the regulatory framework based on two key objectives:

1. That the network is planned in an economic, efficient and coordinated way.

2. That asset delivery is efficient, and consumers are protected from undue costs and risks.

In June 2013 we published a consultation on our emerging thinking, and in September 2014 we published a further consultation on our draft conclusions. We published our final conclusions in March 2015.

Please email the ITPR team if you require any additional information.


Publications and updates

  • Published: 17th Mar 2015
  • Decisions
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Our final conclusions on the Integrated Transmission Planning and Regulation (ITPR) project.

  • Published: 14th Jan 2015
  • Expected: Mar 2015
  • Consultations & responses
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UPCOMING CONSULTATION: An informal consultation on licence changes to enhance the role of the system operator.

  • Published: 29th Sep 2014
  • Closed: 24th Nov 2014
  • Consultations & responses
  • 24 Associated documents
We are consulting on our draft conclusions from the ITPR project. In this document, we set out our proposals to change the system planning and delivery arrangements for GB electricity transmission infrastructure.

  • Published: 23rd May 2014
  • Open letters & correspondence
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We are providing an update on the regulation of transmission connecting non-GB generation to the GB transmission system following our consultation in November 2013. We summarise the responses to this consultation and explain why our work in this area is...

  • Published: 18th Nov 2013
  • Decisions
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We are undertaking further policy development and an impact assessment for the ITPR project, covering the different options for system planning and investment delivery set out in this Emerging Thinking consultation.

  • Published: 18th Nov 2013
  • Closed: 17th Jan 2014
  • Consultations & responses
  • 50 Associated documents
This document looks at regulatory arrangements for the transmission of electricity from generators located outside of Great Britain directly into the British transmission system.

  • Published: 18th Nov 2013
  • Open letters & correspondence
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This letter provides an update on the Integrated Transmission Planning and Regulation (ITPR) project following our emerging thinking consultation in June 2013. It sets out the priorities and next steps over the coming months.

  • Published: 29th Jul 2013
  • Agendas, minutes and presentations
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Minutes from the June 2013 meeting of the Sustainable Development Advisory Group.

  • Published: 19th Jul 2013
  • Factsheets
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The Integrated Transmission Planning and Regulation (ITPR) project is looking at Britain’s existing arrangements for planning and delivering the electricity transmission network.

  • Published: 5th Jun 2013
  • Closed: 2nd Aug 2013
  • Consultations & responses
  • 19 Associated documents
This document sets out our analysis and emerging thinking on options to facilitate efficient and coordinated planning in electricity transmission and efficient delivery of assets.