Retail Market Review

We launched the Retail Market Review in late 2010 due to concerns that the energy market was not working effectively for consumers.

The review recognised that while we had seen some improvements since the 2008 Energy Supply Probe, many of the barriers to effective consumer engagement remained. These barriers included the complexity of tariff options, the poor quality of information provided to consumers and low levels of trust in energy suppliers. 

Where we are now

We have worked with Office of Fair Trading and the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to carry out a review of competition in the GB energy market. This found that competition wasn't working as well as it should for consumers and led us to make a market investigation reference to the CMA. You can find out more at State of competition in the energy market assessment.

Following the CMA review we have implemented changes to the Retail Market Review rules and we propose to make further changes. We had always envisaged that a number of the Retail Market Review rules would help to reset the market and would likely be removed over time.

Key publications arising from the Retail Market Review

The key publications arising from the review are our final proposals and the new Standards of Conduct:

Domestic consumers

The Retail Market Review – Implementation of Simpler Tariff Choices and Clearer Information [pdf]
Implementation of the domestic Standards of Conduct –decision to make licence modifications

Non-domestic (micro-business) consumers

Implementation of the Retail Market Review non-domestic proposals – decision to make licence modifications (June 2013)
New standards of conduct for suppliers - business consumers

You can find a full list of all publications associated with the review at the bottom of this page.

Engagement and working groups within the Retail Market Review

We sought significant input from a range of stakeholders within the review. This involved consumer research as well as hosting roundtable discussions with industry stakeholders, including suppliers and consumer groups. You can find out more about our engagement work and view associated publications at:

Retail Market Review: engagement and working groups

Publications and updates

  • Published: 3rd Jul 2017
  • Open letters & correspondence
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This paper sets out our latest thinking on how we might amend the Personal Projection rules so that they remain fit-for-purpose in a rapidly changing market.

  • Published: 30th Jan 2017
  • Decisions
  • 0 Associated documents
We consulted on the principles that we might use to require suppliers to help ensure that domestic consumers are able to make informed choices about their energy supply. Following this consultation, we have launched a statutory consultation.

  • Published: 30th Jan 2017
  • Closed: 6th Mar 2017
  • Consultations & responses
  • 15 Associated documents
This statutory consultation sets out our final proposals to remove the majority of prescription from the sales and marketing licence condition and rely more on principles.

  • Published: 3rd Aug 2016
  • Closed: 16th Sep 2016
  • Consultations & responses
  • 5 Associated documents
Changes to the standard conditions of electricity and gas supply licences to remove a number of rules regarding Simpler Tariff Choices that were introduced following the 2010-2013 Retail Market Review.

  • Published: 3rd Aug 2016
  • Closed: 28th Sep 2016
  • Consultations & responses
  • 25 Associated documents
We're consulting on the principles that we might use to require suppliers to help ensure that domestic consumers are able to make informed choices about their energy supply.

  • Published: 25th Jul 2016
  • Decisions
  • 4 Associated documents
We have reviewed the current objections regime as part of our ongoing commitment to ensure it is working in the best interest of consumers.

  • Published: 14th Apr 2016
  • Open letters & correspondence
  • 1 Associated documents
In its Provisional Decision on Remedies Report, the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) proposed a recommendation that Ofgem remove certain elements of the ‘simpler choices’ component of our Retail Market Review (RMR) rules. In the light of this,...

  • Published: 8th Mar 2016
  • Guidance, Open letters & correspondence
  • 1 Associated documents
This letter clarifies the requirements for displaying unit rates and standing charges on Tariff Information Labels (“TILs”) provided to consumers. It also addresses recent public concern that some suppliers are quoting unit rates and standing charges in...

  • Published: 7th Mar 2016
  • Agendas, minutes and presentations, Open letters & correspondence
  • 2 Associated documents
This open letter clarifies our expectations on improving consumer communications and the value of trials.

  • Published: 30th Nov 2015
  • Guidance
  • 2 Associated documents
Guidance for suppliers on the process to request derogations from an electricity or gas supply standard licence condition introduced or modified under the Retail Market Review.