Updated Development Phase Governance Structure

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On 1 October we published a proposed new governance structure for the next phase of the Target Operating Model (TOM) – the Development Phase. This included seeking feedback on the Terms of Reference for two new groups created to develop the TOM design further - the Code Change and Development Group, and the Architecture Working Group. We also sought feedback on a new set of TOM Development Principles, which are to sit alongside the TOM Design Principles, and we updated the Design Advisory Board Terms of Reference. Based on the stakeholder feedback and the subsequent feedback from the DAB we have made some amendments to these documents. The final versions can be found below, and a high-level overview of the significant changes made can be found in Appendix 1.

Alongside the publication of the new governance structure we also asked for applications for the two new industry working groups (the Code Change and Development Group and the Architecture Working Group). Many thanks to everyone who applied. We have now finalised the membership of these groups and the names of the members of these two groups can be found on the ELEXON website. (AWG, CCDG)