Next steps on our reforms to the Long Term Development Statement (LTDS) and the Key Enablers for DSO programme of work


In December 2019, we published our consultation ‘Key Enablers for DSO programme of work and the Long Term Development Statement.’ This letter sets out our next steps informed by the consultation responses, both for the LTDS reforms and our wider package of work on Key Enablers for distribution system operation (DSO).

The reforms proposed to the LTDS, and the development of further reforms under the Key Enablers for DSO work programme, including operational data, were well received by stakeholders. Strong support was given for reforms to the LTDS, with clear appetite from stakeholders to substantially enhance network data provisions to enable DSO. We intend to progress these reforms, and we set out our plans in more detail in this letter, with working groups to be convened before the end of 2020.

Annex 1 provides an update on our work on Key Enablers for DSO within the wider context of a changing energy system, including Modernising Energy Data, the network price control, and industry initiatives. Annex 2 sets out specific reforms that will be made to the LTDS as part of the Key Enablers work. Annex 3 sets out our intention to progress operational data reforms. In Annex 4, we set out the next steps we will take and give indicative timelines for this work to progress. Finally, the appendix details the questions and responses to the December 2019 consultation.