Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) Consultation: scoring methodology part 1 and 2 decision


In 2021 we published a consultation on our proposals for the ECO4 scoring methodology in two parts. The first part of the consultation was published in August 2021 and covered full project scores and our overall approach to scoring. The second part of the consultation was published in December 2021 and covered measure-specific partial project scores, including notification of measures, changes to existing measures, and new measures to be introduced in ECO4.   

Part 1 of our consultation closed on 5 October 2021, and we received 17 responses. Part 2 of our consultation closed on 21 January 2022, and we received 21 responses.

We have prepared one decision document that incorporates our response to both parts of the consultation. 

Document overview

We have published our consultation decision document for part 1 and part 2 of the consultation and stakeholders’ responses to the consultation (where they have agreed for these to be published).

In the decision document, we summarise stakeholder responses and respond to their feedback. We then outline the outcome of the consultation and, where relevant, how we have changed our approach.

Part of the final ECO4 scoring methodology, the ECO4 full project scores matrix, can be found below. This was published on 11 May 2022. The final part of the ECO4 scoring methodology is the ECO4 partial project scores matrix. We are updating this in line with the outcomes of the consultation. It will be added to this page once available.

Full project scores matrix version 2 – published 13 June 2022

The full project scores matrix originally published on 11 May 2022 has been updated in anticipation of requirements in legislation for the scheme. Projects with a post-project SAP rating of Low A or High A are to be treated as High B. Therefore, full project scores with a post project rating of Low A and High A have been reduced to equal the corresponding full project scores with a post project rating of high B.

Partial project scores matrix version 1 – published 13 June 2022

The partial project scores matrix is largely complete, however we continue to work on scores for specific measure types and will update the matrix with these scores as soon as possible.

  • Park home insulation: as outlined in the ECO4 consultation decision document, we have decided to postpone publishing partial project scores for park home insulation to ensure they are in line with forthcoming best practice guidance for this measure.
  • Boiler upgrade measures: we have reintroduced separate scores for the installation of boiler upgrade measures in homes with and without pre-existing heating controls. Both sets of scores are included in the matrix, however the scores for homes with pre-existing heating controls are preliminary versions. We continue to do further work on these scores and may revise them. The preliminary scores are the minimum that will be awarded for these measures: we have taken a cautious approach in creating them, such that any revision will be upwards.