Number of active domestic suppliers by fuel type (GB)


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Source: Ofgem analysis of distribution network operator (DNO) and Xoserve reports.

Information correct as of: April 2019

This chart shows the number of active licensed suppliers in the domestic gas and electricity markets. It also gives a breakdown by those supplying both gas and electricity, and those who supply only one fuel. 

Policy Areas:

  • Electricity - retail markets
  • Gas - retail markets

Data Table

Number of active domestic suppliers by fuel type (GB)
GasElectricity Gas and electricityTotal
Dec 2004101213
Dec 2005101112
Dec 200610910
Dec 2007101011
Dec 2009001212
Dec 2010001212
Dec 2011001414
Dec 2012221620
Dec 2013421824
Jun 2014222024
Sep 2014332127
Dec 2014322227
Mar 2015332329
Jun 2015332531
Sep 2015322833
Dec 2015533240
Mar 2016523643
Jun 2016513844
Sep 2016624048
Dec 2016634251
Mar 2017624553
Jun 2017744859
Sep 2017745465
Dec 2017755668
Mar 2018745970
Jun 2018726170
Sep 2018725867
Dec 2018725362

More information

At-a-glance summary

There were 62 active suppliers in the domestic gas and electricity retail markets as of December 2018. These consisted of the six large suppliers and 56 other suppliers, mainly active in both gas and electricity.

From October to December 2018 the number of active domestic suppliers continued to decline.  This was due to no new entry occurring during this period, as well as the exit of five suppliers. For more detail on market entries and exits see the new indicator ‘Supplier entries and exits in the domestic retail energy market’.

In May 2018, Co-operative Energy bought Flow Energy through direct corporate acquisition. Similarly, in September 2018, Octopus Energy acquired Affect Energy. We have recently confirmed that both Flow Energy and Affect Energy have been operating as fully owned, but separately licensed brands, of Co-operative Energy and Octopus Energy, respectively. Accordingly, we have stopped considering Flow Energy as a separate supplier from June 2018 and Affect Energy from September 2018.

Relevance and further information

The number of active suppliers in the GB energy market helps us to understand the dynamics of market concentration over time, as new participants enter; win customers and some existing firms exit the market.


We calculate the number of active licensed suppliers (i.e. those with customers) from the information that both network operators and suppliers provide to us. White label suppliers are not included in this number. White label suppliers are organisations without supply licenses that partner with an active licensed supplier to offer gas and electricity using their own brand.

Date correct
April 2019
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