Statutory Consultation – Supplier Licensing Review: Ongoing requirements and exit arrangements

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We are reviewing our approach to supplier licensing to ensure that appropriate protections are in place against poor customer service and financial instability. Our new entry requirements came into effect in July 2019. Building on these, in October 2019, we consulted on new ongoing requirements for active suppliers and exit arrangements. After considering stakeholder feedback, we are now setting out our final policy proposals. This is a consultation on the licence modifications to implement our proposed changes. The majority of our reforms remain unchanged. We set out the final proposals for this package of reforms in this consultation.

Please send responses to this consultation on or before 20 August 2020 to: or in writing to Licensing Frameworks, Industry Codes and Licensing, Ofgem, 10 South Colonnade, Canary Wharf, London, E14 4PU. We prefer to receive responses by e-mail.