Providing financial protection to more vulnerable consumers

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On 7 December 2017 we published our decision to  protect 1 million vulnerable consumers this winter, by applying the existing prepayment safeguard tariff level to consumers receiving the Warm Home Discount. These protections will be in place on 2 February 2018. However, we have been clear that this does not cover all the vulnerable consumers that we want to protect. Therefore, in this consultation, we propose ways to refine the design of the WHD safeguard tariff and extend it to a broader group of vulnerable consumers. We believe at least an additional 2 million consumers could be protected for winter 2018-19.

Government has announced that it will be introducing legislation to put in place a temporary price cap on all standard variable tariffs and fixed term default deals. If this cap is in place before winter 2018-19 it will protect vulnerable consumers and we will not implement our vulnerable safeguard tariff 

Responses to this consultation should be provided by 31 January 2018.

This consultation is now closed.

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