Consultation on changes to REMIT Penalties Statement and REMIT Procedural Guidelines

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Our REMIT Procedural Guidelines and REMIT Penalties Statement set out how we use our powers to enforce REMIT and how we determine penalties for REMIT breaches.

In 2021 Ofgem has been reviewing its approach to enforcement. In June, we consulted on changes to our Enforcement Guidelines and Sectoral Statement of Policy with respect to Financial Penalties and Consumer Redress.

In this consultation, we are seeking views on revised versions of our REMIT Procedural Guidelines and REMIT Penalties Statement.

The revised versions of both documents reflect proposed changes in Ofgem’s wider approach to enforcement, necessary amendments to reflect the fact that the United Kingdom has left the European Union, and revisions to make REMIT processes clearer and more efficient.

We are seeking views on the proposals set out in this consultation document from Regulated Persons under REMIT, and all other parties with an interest in our REMIT enforcement work. The responses will help us to ensure that our REMIT enforcement processes, and REMIT penalty policy, are relevant and adaptable in an innovative and evolving energy market.

Please send your responses and any questions to the Enforcement Team at by 28 September 2021.

Following the end of the consultation period, we will consider all responses carefully. Please note that any non-confidential responses to the consultation may be published on our website.

Please note that the annex documents below are draft documents issued for the purposes of this consultation.

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