Warm Home Discount (WHD) guidance for suppliers – Version 6.1


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The Warm Home Discount Regulations 2011 and the Warm Home Discount (Reconciliation) Regulations 2011, are being amended to extend the WHD scheme for three years to March 2021. The revised regulations set out the requirements for Scheme Years 8 (2018-19), 9 (2019-20), and 10 (2020-21) and detail changes to the scheme. 

This updated version 6.1 supplier guidance explains how we will intend to administer the WHD in light of the changes introduced, and how we expect suppliers to comply with the scheme requirements. It provides additional clarity on the administration of the WHD scheme in light of our own and supplier experience of the scheme so far.

This document will replace ‘version 5.1’ of the guidance published on 2 September 2016 and also includes some minor updates following feedback on our draft version 6.0, published on 18 June 2018. 

The administrative requirements set out in this guidance version 6.1 should be used from 15 August 2018, the date when the amending regulations are in force.

For any questions on this guidance, please contact us at whd@ofgem.gov.uk.