Market-wide Settlement Reform: Outline Business Case

Reports, plans and updates

This Outline Business Case  presents the results of a draft economic assessment of the impact of market-wide settlement reform. It also explores the project’s strategic interactions in further detail and presents our further thinking on how to ensure key players can manage and deliver the reforms successfully. The draft assessment indicates substantial potential benefits, suggesting that our decision on the project should centre on when and how, rather than whether, market-wide settlement reform should be introduced.

This is the second of three iterations of the Business Case, which we will use to support our final decision on market-wide settlement reform and set out the arrangements for implementation. We are developing the Business Case over time, leading up to our decision on market-wide settlement reform which will be supported by the Full Business Case.

We sought feedback from stakeholders on two specific points discussed in this document: half-hourly export settlement (Chapter 2) and commercial drivers on the industry to deliver market-wide settlement reform (Chapter 4). We also welcomed comments or feedback more generally on any aspect of the Outline Business Case. Our response to that feedback can be found in the subsidiary documents below, together with the non-confidential parts of the responses we received.