Electricity Settlement Reform Significant Code Review: Launch Statement, revised timetable, and request for applications for membership of the Target Operating Model Design Working Group

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This statement launches the Electricity Settlement Reform Significant Code Review and sets out our revised timetable following our consultation on the plan for mandatory half-hourly settlement (HHS) in November 2016. In doing so, it:

  • Responds to our November 2016 consultation, and summarises the non-confidential feedback we received (in Appendix 1).
  • Launches the Significant Code Review for mandatory HHS of domestic and smaller non-domestic consumers, setting out how we intend to progress with this and the options we are considering to both undertake and complete the process.
  • Sets out our proposed model for the Design Working Group to develop the Target Operating Model and the governance structure that we intend to use for decision-making. We are seeking feedback on this model, which has ELEXON leading the working group to provide recommendations to an Ofgem-led Design Advisory Board for decisions.

We would like feedback from interested stakeholders on the form of Significant Code Review that we intend to use, the model for governance of the working group and the design principles that will be used to guide decision-making on products developed by the working group. We welcome your views on these areas. Please complete a feedback form attached as a subsidiary document to this launch statement and send this to HalfHourlySettlement@ofgem.gov.uk by 1 September 2017.

We would also like to invite interested stakeholders to apply to be a member of the Design Working Group. Please send your CV and a supporting statement to HalfHourlySettlement@ofgem.gov.uk by 1 September 2017. Information on the skills and experience we are looking for from members is in Appendix 2.