Essential Guide to Assignment of Rights


Publication date

Scheme name

Domestic RHI

Assignment of Rights (AoR) allows an investor to help fund the purchase or installation of a renewable heating system and in return receive the rights to RHI payments.

Assignment of Rights came into effect following amendments to the Domestic RHI on 27 June 2018, with the intention of preventing future use of other third party financing models (i.e where individuals and third parties have an agreement outside of the Domestic RHI to transfer RHI payments to the third party). Investors may now only receive RHI payments as a 'nominated registered investor' in an Assignment of Rights agreement (the Non-Domestic RHI is unaffected by this change).

In the case of any renewable heating systems for which Domestic RHI applications are made on or after 27 June 2018 and for which funding for purchase and/or installation is provided by a third party, the Assignment of Rights model will have to be used if the third party is to receive RHI payments. The third party (investor) will then receive the payments directly from Ofgem. Heating systems accredited, or for which applications were submitted, before 27 June are unaffected by this change.

To register, investors will need to read the Essential Guide (below), complete an Investor Application Form and send to