RIIO-GD1 network price control

RIIO-GD1 is the first gas distribution price control review to use the RIIO model (Revenue = Incentives+Innovation+Outputs) of network regulation. 

The RIIO-GD1 price control sets out the outputs that the eight Gas Distribution Networks need to deliver for their consumers and the associated revenues they are allowed to collect for the eight-year period from 1 April 2013 until 31 March 2021.

The RIIO model of network regulation is designed to drive real benefits for consumers. It provides the companies with strong incentives to step up and meet the challenges of delivering a low carbon, sustainable energy sector at value for money for existing and future consumers.

Publications and updates

  • Published: 4th Sep 2019
  • Charts and data
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This is the GD1 Price Contol Financial Model for the Annual Iteration Process in November 2019.

  • Published: 12th Jun 2019
  • Decisions
  • 9 Associated documents
See our decision to approve and direct the Rebased Network Outputs for Gas Distribution Network operators.

  • Published: 30th Apr 2019
  • Decisions
  • 7 Associated documents
This direction sets out the modifications we are making to the Gas Distribution Regulatory Instructions and Guidance (RIGs) for 2018-19.

  • Published: 20th Mar 2019
  • Closed: 15th May 2019
  • Consultations and responses
  • 26 Associated documents
This consultation sets out the reasons and effects of our proposed determination on GDNs’ Rebased Network Outputs for RIIO-GD1.

  • Published: 13th Mar 2019
  • Closed: 11th Apr 2019
  • Consultations and responses
  • 7 Associated documents
This notice sets out our proposed changes to the Gas Distribution Regulatory Instructions and Guidance.

  • Published: 8th Mar 2019
  • Reports and plans
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Report showing the performance of the gas distribution network in 2017-18, the fifth year of the RIIO-GD1 price control.

  • Published: 30th Jan 2019
  • Decisions
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We are publishing our decision on modification of Special Condition 1A of the gas transporter licences held by the Gas Distribution Network operators

  • Published: 20th Dec 2018
  • Closed: 22nd Jan 2019
  • Consultations and responses
  • 5 Associated documents
This statutory consultation sets out our proposed charges to Special Condition 1A of the gas transporter licences held by the Gas Distribution Network operators.

  • Published: 19th Dec 2018
  • Decisions
  • 9 Associated documents
Our decision on the alignment of each of the eight Gas Distribution Networks’ (GDNs) Workbooks to our RIIO-GD1 Final Proposals (FP).

  • Published: 18th Dec 2018
  • Decisions, Guidance
  • 2 Associated documents
We issued a notice on 3 November 2018, proposing changes to the Stakeholder Engagement Incentive (SEI) guidance. We have considered the responses we received and this direction formally issues the SEI Guidance document.