Gas supply market shares by company: Domestic (GB)


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Source: Ofgem analysis of Xoserve reports.

Information correct as of: January 2021

This chart shows the domestic gas market shares for each of the large and medium suppliers and the small suppliers as a group.

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Policy Areas:

  • Gas - retail markets

Data Table

Gas supply market shares by company: Domestic (GB)
British GasEDFEONnpowerScottish PowerSSEUtility Warehouse OVOShell EnergyUtilitaBulb EnergyOctopus EnergyAvro EnergyGreen Network EnergySmall Suppliers
2005 Q255.8%4.6%12.4%9.2%8.5%9.1%0.4%
2005 Q355.3%4.7%12.2%9.3%8.6%9.5%0.4%
2005 Q454.8%4.9%12.1%9.7%8.6%10.0%0.0%
2006 Q154.1%5.2%12.2%9.7%8.6%10.1%0.0%
2006 Q252.4%5.7%12.1%10.2%8.6%10.6%0.4%
2006 Q351.2%6.0%12.2%10.6%8.4%11.2%0.4%
2006 Q449.9%6.2%12.0%11.0%8.3%12.1%0.4%
2007 Q148.9%6.5%11.8%11.4%8.4%12.6%0.4%
2007 Q248.5%6.5%11.7%11.6%8.1%13.0%0.5%
2007 Q348.1%6.6%11.6%11.7%8.2%13.3%0.5%
2007 Q447.9%6.7%11.5%11.7%8.1%13.6%0.5%
2008 Q147.5%6.7%11.6%11.3%8.3%14.1%0.5%
2008 Q246.5%6.9%11.8%11.2%8.2%14.8%0.6%
2008 Q345.6%6.7%12.1%11.2%8.6%15.2%0.6%
2008 Q445.1%6.9%12.2%11.1%8.6%15.3%0.7%
2009 Q144.7%7.1%12.2%11.3%8.5%15.5%0.8%
2009 Q244.3%7.2%12.2%11.3%8.4%15.6%0.9%
2009 Q344.4%7.2%12.2%11.1%8.3%15.8%1.0%
2009 Q444.2%7.2%12.3%10.9%8.3%16.0%1.1%
2010 Q144.2%7.3%12.2%10.6%8.3%16.1%1.2%
2010 Q244.2%7.3%12.2%10.4%8.3%16.2%1.3%
2010 Q344.0%7.3%12.3%11.4%8.4%16.3%0.4%
2010 Q443.8%7.3%12.5%11.4%8.4%16.2%0.4%
2011 Q143.4%7.5%12.7%11.4%8.5%16.1%0.5%
2011 Q243.5%7.3%12.8%11.3%8.5%16.0%0.5%
2011 Q343.0%8.0%13.1%11.5%8.1%15.8%0.6%
2011 Q442.4%8.2%13.1%11.6%8.3%15.6%0.7%
2012 Q142.2%8.2%13.2%11.7%8.3%15.5%0.9%
2012 Q241.9%8.3%13.3%11.8%8.3%15.4%1.1%
2012 Q341.6%8.5%13.1%11.7%8.5%15.3%1.3%
2012 Q440.8%8.5%12.9%11.7%9.1%15.1%1.8%
2013 Q140.7%8.5%12.7%11.6%9.2%15.1%2.2%
2013 Q240.6%8.6%12.6%11.4%9.3%15.1%2.4%
2013 Q340.5%8.6%12.5%11.5%9.3%15.0%2.6%
2013 Q439.2%9.2%12.5%10.1%9.4%14.6%1.6%1.3%2.1%
2014 Q138.7%9.3%12.3%10.1%9.3%14.4%1.7%1.6%2.8%
2014 Q238.4%9.0%12.1%9.9%9.2%14.2%1.7%1.2%2.0%2.3%
2014 Q338.1%9.1%11.8%9.6%9.1%14.0%1.8%1.3%2.5%2.7%
2014 Q437.8%9.0%11.9%9.4%9.0%13.6%1.8%1.5%2.9%3.1%
2015 Q137.7%8.6%11.9%9.3%9.0%13.3%1.9%1.6%3.1%3.5%
2015 Q237.3%8.5%11.9%9.3%9.0%13.1%1.9%1.7%3.3%4.0%
2015 Q337.1%8.5%11.7%9.0%9.0%12.9%1.9%1.8%3.4%1.1%3.5%
2015 Q436.8%8.5%11.6%8.7%8.9%12.6%1.9%2.1%3.5%1.2%4.0%
2016 Q136.2%8.4%11.3%8.7%8.7%12.5%1.9%2.4%3.7%1.4%4.8%
2016 Q235.6%8.5%10.9%8.6%8.8%12.4%1.9%2.6%3.7%1.5%5.5%
2016 Q335.2%8.4%10.5%8.8%8.8%12.3%1.9%2.6%3.7%1.7%6.1%
2016 Q435.1%8.5%10.3%8.7%8.7%12.2%1.9%2.5%3.5%1.9%6.7%
2017 Q134.4%8.5%9.9%8.3%9.0%12.0%1.9%2.5%3.5%2.0%8.0%
2017 Q233.2%8.5%10.6%8.2%9.0%11.4%1.9%2.5%3.3%2.0%9.4%
2017 Q332.0%8.8%10.5%8.3%8.9%11.2%1.9%2.7%3.2%2.1%10.4%
2017 Q430.8%8.6%10.8%8.2%8.7%11.2%1.9%2.9%3.3%2.2%11.5%
2018 Q130.5%8.4%10.9%7.9%8.5%10.9%1.9%3.2%3.2%2.3%1.2%11.1%
2018 Q229.9%8.4%10.7%7.5%8.2%10.6%1.9%3.2%3.1%2.4%2.1%12.0%
2018 Q329.1%8.2%10.6%7.2%8.1%10.4%1.9%3.2%2.9%2.4%2.9%1.3%11.6%
2018 Q428.7%8.3%10.5%6.9%8.5%10.1%2.0%4.0%2.9%2.4%3.1%1.6%11.0%
2019 Q128.2%8.4%10.3%6.6%8.4%9.9%2.0%4.6%2.8%2.5%3.6%2.2%10.6%
2019 Q228.1%8.2%10.0%6.4%8.0%9.7%2.0%4.4%3.1%2.5%4.2%2.6%1.2%9.6%
2019 Q327.9%8.3%9.9%5.9%7.7%9.6%2.0%4.2%3.0%2.7%4.5%3.1%1.4%1.2%8.6%
2019 Q427.8%8.5%10.0%5.6%7.9%9.4%2.0%4.0%2.9%2.6%4.8%4.4%1.5%1.2%7.4%
2020 Q127.3%8.4%10.2%5.4%7.9%0.0%2.0%13.1%3.3%2.6%5.0%5.1%1.6%1.3%6.8%
2020 Q227.0%8.5%10.2%5.3%7.8%0.0%2.0%12.7%3.0%2.6%5.1%5.3%2.0%1.4%7.1%
2020 Q326.7%8.3%10.3%4.5%7.6%0.0%2.0%12.3%3.2%2.7%5.1%5.8%2.3%1.3%7.8%

More information

At-a-glance summary

Between Q2 2011 and Q3 2020, the gas market share of the large legacy suppliers dropped from nearly 100% to 70% (the latter includes OVO’s market share after the acquisition of SSE). The market share for the largest gas supplier in the GB domestic market, British Gas, fell from 43% to 27%. The market share held by other large, medium and small suppliers was 30% in Q3 2020, up two percentage points from Q2 2020.


Relevance and further information

The evolution of market shares is a useful measure of trends in market concentration. They help us understand the impact between market shares and competitive dynamics, both for the large legacy suppliers and other suppliers, and which companies are winning or losing customers.


We calculate market shares from the number of meter points on the gas distribution networks, as provided to us by Xoserve. As of July 2017, supply points connected to independent gas transporters are included in the gas data provided by Xoserve.

We classify suppliers by size as follows:

  • ‘Large legacy’ includes suppliers which have held a market share of at least 5% in either fuel since privatisation of the electricity and gas sectors
  • ‘Other large’ includes suppliers with market share of at least 5% in either fuel, having increased market share from below 5% at the time of privatisation
  • ‘Medium’ includes suppliers with market share exceeding 1%, but remaining below 5% in both fuels
  • ‘Small’ includes suppliers with market share below 1% in both fuels

We periodically review, typically with a lag of two quarters, the group of suppliers that we define as ‘other large’, ‘medium’ and ‘small’.

Rounding errors may mean that the combined market share across all suppliers does not exactly sum to 100%.

Date correct
January 2021
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