Watch on-demand: Regulating for a green, fair future event - 24 May 2021

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With six months to go before COP26 in Glasgow, Ofgem hosted an event on 24 May to launch our Green, Fair Future campaign - a programme of events to bring together the international regulatory community on our countries' collective climate ambitions and enabling energy-related decarbonisation. The event focused on climate commitments and challenges within regulation, data and digitalisation, as well as the role of consumers in decarbonisation and exploring how behavioural challenges can be addressed.

Watch the recordings for each session below.


1. Welcome and introduction

Martin Cave, Chair, Ofgem

2. Keynote: Together for our planet - Energy and COP26

Alok Sharma, COP President-Designate

3. Tackling climate change: global challenges, implementing commitments and urgent need for change

Eleanor Stein, Professor, Mediator, Administrative Law Judge, Albany Law School

4. Regulating for a green, fair future

Jonathan Brearley, Chief Executive, Ofgem

5. Panel discussion: Key challenges within energy regulation for decarbonisation

6. Consumers’ attitudes and actions in relation to decarbonisation – findings from Ofgem’s annual consumer survey

Beth Moon, Head of Customer and Behavioural Insight, Ofgem

7. Panel discussion: Energy decarbonisation as a behavioural challenge

8. Case study: The role of open data in energy

Amanda Brock, Chief Executive, OpenUK

9. Panel discussion: Data and digitalisation - how to achieve its transformational potential for energy regulation

10. Closing remarks 

Martin Cave, Chair, Ofgem

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