Switching Programme and Retail Code Consolidation: Proposed changes to licences and industry codes

Publication date
17th June 2019
Closing date
9th September 2019
Policy areas

We are introducing a new Retail Energy Code (REC) to bring together the code requirements relating to retail energy activities and to govern the operation of faster and more reliable arrangements for consumers to switch their energy suppliers. Our vision remains that the REC should be a best-in-class industry code, putting consumer outcomes at the heart of everything it does and providing market participants with an accessible and comprehensible set of rules that are as easy as possible to understand and comply with.

The transitional REC was designated on 1 February 2019. We are now consulting on the enduring Retail Energy Code, its schedules, its proposed governance, the Significant Code Reviews to bring it about, and the timelines and approach for its delivery, as well as the licence changes and consequential changes to other industry codes to deliver the Switching Programme and retail code consolidation.

Chapter 4 of this document forms our consultation on the scope of the Retail Code Consolidation SCR. Given the scope we are proposing, we particularly seek responses from metering agents, Green Deal providers, DNOs and consumer interest groups.

We are asking for early responses on two areas of this consultation: the REC Manager role, and future MPAS governance. On these sections, we would like responses by Monday 29 July 2019.

For all other questions in this consultation, the deadline for responses is Monday 9 September.


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