Switching Programme Technical Design Authority

The agreed objective of the Switching Programme is “to improve customers’ experience of switching, leading to greater engagement in the retail energy market by designing and implementing a new switching process that is reliable, fast and cost-effective. In turn this will build consumer confidence and facilitate competition, delivering better outcomes for consumers.”

In delivering its contribution to this objective, the Technical Design Authority is the body responsible for maintaining an overview of the complete design for the new switching arrangements with regard to coherence, consistency with the blueprint plans and adherence to programme principles.


The Technical Design Authority is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the detailed design of the end-to-end (E2E) solution is aligned with the approved design blueprints (Design Baselines 1,2 and 3) and with other products in development that will form Design Baseline 4.
  • Assessing design products aginst the Design Baseline; the design and architectural pronciples; and the products’ acceptance criteria and deciding whether they should be accepted into Design Baseline 4.
  • Supporting the impact assessment and subsequently advising on change requests within the limits of their delegation.
  • Providing advice to programme design teams to support product development through the regular review of product progress and assessment and resolution of design issues.

The actions of the group are underpinned by the TDA Terms of Reference, which include details on decision making, membership and working methods.

For full details of decisions made by the Technical Design Authority, please see our Decision Log.

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Swtiching Programme TDA Decision Log

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Switching Programme TDA Terms Of Reference