Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

Delivering ECO measures amidst COVID-19

Read guidance on how to deliver ECO measures amidst COVID-19. 

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Installers and industry

If you’re interested in delivering energy efficiency measures through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), you should contact an obligated energy supplier.

If you’re already installing measures under the scheme and are looking for standardised templates such as the Declaration of Conformity and Completed Installation, the Deemed Score Survey or the latest file naming conventions then visit the ECO reporting working group page.

If you’re looking for the latest ECO3 guidance, including the Boiler Assessment Checklist and the Electric Storage Heater Checklist, please visit our ECO3 guidance page.

What measures can be installed under ECO?

There are a wide range of energy efficiency measures that can be installed under ECO including insulation measures, heating measures and connections to district heating systems (new and upgrades). These include internal and external wall insulation systems.

You can find a list of measures in our ECO3 measures table. This provides information on eligible energy efficiency measures which suppliers can use to meet their ECO obligations.

The list of measures is non-exhaustive. Other measures may qualify, subject to review by us, on a case-by-case basis.

Additionally, under ECO3 there is the voluntary option for suppliers to meet up to 10% of their obligation with innovation measures. ECO3 has two new optional routes for supporting innovation; demonstration actions and innovation measures. In addition to innovation, suppliers will also be able to use a new monitored measures route to delivery up to 10% of their obligation.


Only obligated suppliers can make an application under one of the innovation routes outlined above. If you wish to have an innovation or monitoring proposal supported under ECO you need to work with an obligated supplier who will liaise with and submit the application to Ofgem. Our guidance describes how suppliers and the supply chain can deliver measures under each of the innovation routes.

If we approve an application for an innovation measure, we will publish the description of the innovation measure, and the date on which the application was approved on our Innovation guidance page.

What is ECO Brokerage?

ECO Brokerage allows ECO providers to sell ECO Cost Savings to obligated energy suppliers. An anonymous auction is held every fortnight where these lots are sold.

The Crown Commercial Service hosts an online e-auction allowing energy companies to bid in real-time on each auction day.

For more information, and to access the service, visit the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s website.

Staying compliant

Whether delivered directly or through the brokerage mechanism, ECO measures need to comply with the ECO3 Order and our scheme guidance.

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FAQs for installers and industry

Answers to some common questions about the Energy Company Obligation (ECO3) scheme. 

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