RIIO gas transmission annual report 2015-16

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Transmission Network

This report summarises the performance of the National Grid Gas Transmission (NGGT) during the third year of RIIO-T1 which runs from 2013 to 2021. RIIO stands for revenue = incentives + innovation + outputs.

This report gives stakeholders information on the performance of NGGT against its price control obligations and incentives for the third year of the price control. It also provides information on NGGT’s updated forecast for the remaining years of RIIO-T1. It is structured to reflect the new RIIO framework, and discusses:

Expenditure: the revenue we have allowed NGGT to charge its customers and the impact this has on the average gas bill

Outputs: performance achieved against the six output areas, which are:

  • network safety
  • network reliability
  • network availability
  • customer satisfaction
  • connections
  • protecting the environment

Innovation: innovative practice that lets NGGT deliver more efficiently and effectively, both now and in the future

Costs: the detail of costs that NGGT has incurred so far and forecasts to incur during the remainder of RIIO-T1and how this compares against its allowances. This includes costs for both NGGT (Transmission Owner) and NGGT (System)