Renewable Heat Incentive– Overview Guide to the Application Process (Applicant Guidance Note 3) NI


Publication date

Scheme name

Non-Domestic RHI

The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI) has suspended the Northern Ireland RHI scheme to new applicants from 29 February 2016.

From 9 May 2016, the new Department for the Economy (DfE) assumed the roles and responsibility of DETI including policy responsibility for the Northern Ireland Non-Domestic RHI. We continue to administer the Non-Domestic RHI scheme on DfE’s behalf. This suspension only applies to the Northern Ireland RHI scheme. The Great Britain RHI scheme is unaffected. For further information see our frequently asked questions.

This Applicant Guidance Note provides an overview of the key application steps for the RHI. Review this document, alongside Applicant Guidance Note 2, before starting your application to assist you to submit a full and properly made application.