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This publication contains the final Deemed Scores Matrix for use on the ECO scheme from 1 April 2017 (ECO2t). To view the Deemed Scores Methodology document view our consultation response page.

The deemed scores presented in this document are 'lifetime scores'. This means that they include all applicable lifetimes, in-use factors, relevant HHCRO multipliers, and a 30% uplift for all scores. 

When notifying us of completed measures, suppliers must provide the lifetime carbon saving or cost score for the measure, relevant to the obligation the measure is intended to be credited towards.

This page also includes any deemed scores which have been applied for by suppliers and approved by Ofgem. Once published on this page, any supplier can claim the scores for the appropriate measures, assuming all relevant criteria are met.

To view a range of ECO guidance documents please visit our website, or contact us at if you have a query. 


ECO2t Solar PV scoring methodology:

This methodology has been developed to enable suppliers to score solar PV measures which are to be claimed under ECO2t. The current deemed score for solar PV is based on a number of fixed assumptions. This methodology uses the Percentage of Property Treated (POPT) to adjust the deemed score for solar PV installations taking into account specific characteristics of the installation. The methodology relates to solar PV measures delivered under ECO2t only.


ECO2t Smart thermostat deemed scores:

In September 2018, we approved an application for deemed scores for the installation of smart thermostats in ECO2t. These scores sit alongside the standard heating controls scores in the main deemed scores matrix.