Update on competition in connections market review: issues limiting effective competition

Publication date
7th October 2014
Closing date
4th November 2014
Policy areas

Over the last six months we have reviewed the market for new connections to the electricity distribution network. We made the decision to open our review in response to concerns about whether competition in this market is effective.

As part of that review, we have asked interested parties to tell us how well they think the market is working. We've also asked for views on the issues raised, including feedback on other issues you may consider missing, and some of the solutions proposed by stakeholders.

We have engaged with a large number of stakeholders during the review - we received 80 responses to our call for information, spoke to over 100 customers through our customer research and met with a broad range of connections providers. Prior to the review, we had detailed engagement with stakeholders about parts of the market. 

Consultation decision

We have now reached a decision and published the findings of our review of the electricity connections market. Our decision outlines the next steps local distribution network companies must take within the next six months to help improve competitiveness. As a result of this decision, we have opened a new consultation on the details of the proposals. View the decision in full alongside the new consultation through the 'Related consultations' section above.