Final Decision – SSEHL’s application for a minor facilities exemption for Hornsea gas storage facility

Publication date
1st June 2015
Information type
Policy area

On 27 February 2015 we published a consultation  on our initial view to reject the Minor Facilities Exemption (MFE) for the Hornsea gas storage facility owned and operated by SSE Hornsea Limited (SSEHL). This consultation closed on 24 April. We received three non-confidential responses to our consultation. We have considered these consultation responses, but the information that has been provided has not led us to change our minded-to position. As a result, our decision is that negotiated third party access (nTPA) is economically necessary at the Hornsea facility, and so SSEHL should not be granted an MFE. Our consultation sets out the detailed assessment of the MFE tests.

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