Forums, seminars and working groups

Facilitating and taking part in forums, seminars and working groups is an important part of our work. Attending working groups improves our ability to identify and address issues affecting gas markets in Britain and Europe.

Transmission Workgroup is an industry led group which debates and develops modifications that affect the National Transmission System (NTS). Transmission Workgroup meetings are usually held on the first Thursday of each month and are administered by the Joint Office of Gas Transporters.

The National Transmission System Charging Methodology Forum (NTSCMF) is a workgroup that allows transmission users to discuss and develop modification proposals which affect the  transmission charging methodology contained in Section Y of the Uniform Network Code (UNC). The NTSCMF is also administered by the Joint Office of Gas Transporters.

The Modification Panel oversees the UNC modification process. It is constituted by elected gas transporter and shipper representatives and votes each month to determine the progress of UNC modification proposals. Decisions are made on a simple majority basis. We attend Modification Panel meetings to provide views on modifications under discussion but do not take part in the voting process.